Welcoming The AEM Project as a New Fiscally Sponsored Project

AEM_logo copy.jpg

CascadiaNow! is proud to announce that our Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt The AEM Project as our newest fiscally sponsored project. We are so excited to have this project, dedicated to honest local history education by telling the whole story of the shoot-out at the Everett City Dock on November 5, 1916, as a part of the CN! family.

The AEM Project will launch an annotaed Everett massacre website comprised of Walker C. Smith’s book, The Everett Massacre (I.W.W. Publishing Bureau, 1917) annotated via hyperlink with contemporaneous accounts, photos and bios of participants, maps, and other materials to help the public deep dive into the events, causes, and effects of the shoot-out at the Everett City Dock. 

What happened on that beautiful Sunday afternoon in Cascadia is more moving, more messy, and more relevant than what Smith gives us. When the legend replaces fact, we all lose. We lose the truth about the lives of people who fought against income inequality, violence, and denial of their civil rights to build a more just society. We lose how hard and how dangerous it is to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.