Welcome TOTAGO Group Hiking Events as Our Newest Fiscally Sponsored Project

TOTAGO Group Hiking Events is a movement to get people back outdoors both for their personal benefit and to also increase communal awareness and support for conservation.

Through a unanimous vote of our board of directors, CascadiaNow! is excited to welcome our newest fiscally sponsored project, TOTAGO Group Hiking Events.  This organization aims to get people outside by encouraging the use of public transportation to go to hiking trails. So far, TOTAGO Group Hiking Events have run several group bus-­hiking events originating from Seattle. As a new project of CascadiaNow!, their hope is to scale up to public transportation group hikes all over the PNW. The hope of TOTAGO Group Hiking Events is to reach a critical mass where they no longer need to actively manage bus-hiking events, as a culture will emerge where individuals will take personal initiative to organize and lead events with their friends and neighbors.

In August, TOTAGO Group Hiking Events will attempt to break the group hiking world record via 70 concurrent hikes across the Pacific Northwest. Group public transportation hikes will be happening all around Cascadia to raise awareness for our accessible outdoors and the need to conserve it. Help TOTAGO Group Hiking Events in their world record attempt and get outside with your friends and neighbors by signing up here and follow their world record efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about our newest fiscally sponsored project on their project page. You can also donate to this specific part of the Cascadia movement here!