Welcome to our new Development Manager: Joel Selling!

We'd like to extend a super warm CascadiaNow! welcome to our new development manager Joel Selling! 

Joel is a Pacific Northwest native, he has been involved and working with non-profits for over 25 years.  In that time, he has been a marketing instructor, whitewater rafting guide, park and recreation commissioner, consultant, and advertising account executive. To help further his own philanthropic commitment, he is currently enrolled in a Development and Fundraising certificate program at the University of Washington, and his previous MBA and French degrees have helped him these pursuits. In his personal life, he lives with his wife in Monroe, Washington, and has restored and maintains a salmon-spawning creek running through his five acre property. He has an irreverent, sometimes odd, sense of humor.  Farm chores, science fiction and classical music lower his blood pressure.

He is coming on board to make sure we are connecting with every person who wants to be involved, grow our relationships and collaboration, and foster an increased positive awareness for Cascadia and the Cascadia movement. 

We here at the CascadiaNow team can't wait to grow our relationship, and get to work! :)