Welcome Three New Heatlth & Wellness Projects To The CN! Family

The CascadiaNow! Board of Directors has voted to adopt three new projects into the CascadiaNow! (CN!) family of nonprofits. We are very excited to welcome Concussion Recovery Resource, Om Thrive, and The Still Life Experience as our newest fiscally sponsored projects. Please join us in welcoming them by learning more about them NOW:


Concussion Recovery Resource's mission is to provide a science and research-based resource/community that is accessible to the everyday people who suffer from concussions and their families. One of the goals of Concussion Recovery Resource (CRR) is to provide information about a wider range of treatments than can be found on any other concussion website, showcasing research around alternative treatments. Additionally, CRR will engage with communities across Cascadia to promote concussion awareness and prevention.


Om Thrive's mission is to make regular and sustained yoga practice accessible to survivors and individuals directly affected by domestic violence to promote healing and empowerment. Om Thrive provides free yoga classes at domestic violence shelters for adults, teens and children as well as free yoga class punch cards for classes at studios convenient for domestic violence survivors to attend. Through the healing power of yoga practice, Om Thrive is committed to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse, encouraging positive change.

Still_Life_Logo_Experience (1).png

The Still Life Experience is a mobile retreat aimed at enriching the lives of Single Working Mothers through seminars and workshops conducted in a natural setting to encourage holistic wellness (body-mind- spirit) for a more balanced lifestyle in a stress-filled world. The Still Life Experience mobile retreat conducts six workshops per year at designated National Parks beginning in April and ending in November. There will be three retreats in Cascadia THIS year!

Contact us to let us know if you would like to volunteer directly with any project. All gifts are tax deductible.