Welcome our newest CascadiaNow! board member: Nic Bowcut

Nic Bowcut

CascadiaNow! is excited to welcome Nicholas Bowcut to our CN! Family as our newest board member, and chair of our Cascadia programming and outreach committee.

Nic is an avid Cascadian and engaged community member living in Spokane, WA. He is a founder of the Northeast Farmers Market, served as Chair to the Whitman Neighborhood Council, the Community Assembly and Transportation Advisory Board, and is the current Facility Services Coordinator for the NE Community Center in Spokane. He is a hockey enthusiastic, film and music buff, and has a wonderful wife Tiffany, a daughter Cassidy and a pit bull mix named Cody. He is also a huge Ottawa Senator, Portland Winterhawk, Portland Timbers (for which we shall give him no end of grief about... :D) and Oregon State Beaver supporter.

He is passionate about creating awareness of Cascadia, and working to improve issues affecting the quality of life for Cascadians, and hopes that through his participating in the CN! Board, that he can allow for greater representation and action for Eastern Washington organizing.

Take a moment and join us in welcoming Nic to our CN! Family! Thank you!