Welcome Earthship Seattle Visitor Center as CascadiaNow!'s Newest Fiscally Sponsored Project

The CascadiaNow! Board of Directors has unanimously voted to adopt another awesome fiscally sponsored project- Earthship Seattle Visitors Center (ESVC)! We love the mission of this project to raise awareness about Earthships and tackle the barriers between people and their Earthship dreams in the greater Seattle area.  ESVC's mission of bringing Earthship building code to the state of Washington does not stop in the state of Washington; they’d like to influence the states and countries around us as well.

What's an Earthship? An Earthship is a sustainable home made of recycled materials, providing comfort, food, and all of its utilities on-site, without using any fossil fuels.

The ESVC will be a very volunteer-oriented operation promoting free communal educational opportunities consistently. It will converse multicultural, diverse groups of people with endless amounts of community building gatherings.

All gifts are tax deductible. Contact us to let us know if you would like to volunteer directly with this project.