We 💓 Science! Enjoy Two CN! Science Events THIS Week

This week, CascadiaNow! is proud to have two projects hosting science events: Climate Science on Tap (by CN! project Cascadia Climate Action) and March for Science - Seattle.


At Climate Science on Tap, April 10th, three scientists will weigh in on how climate change impacts salmon, whales, and the broader food web as well as what we might expect in the future, with fascinating presentations followed by an engaging discussion. The panelists include Christopher Krembs, Marine Biologist, with the WA Dept of Ecology; Iris Kemp, Ecologist for Long Live the Kings; and Lynne Barre, National Oceanographic, and Atmospheric Association. The event will be moderated by P. Sean McDonald with the University of Washington's Program on the Environment and researcher with the School of Aquatic and Marine Science. 


At March for Science - Seattle, April 14th, march to promote science as the best method we have for understanding the world. Science should be an open process, used to serve all people!

Come join the science fun and 💓 science with CascadiaNow! If you cannot attend, we encourage you to learn more about these awesome science projects or contact us to chat.