True Blessings is CascadiaNow!'s New Fiscally Sponsored Project

By a unanimous vote of the CascadiaNow! Board of Directors, we are pleased to welcome True Blessings to the CN! family! True Blessings goal is to operate and maintain outreach, support, mentor, and resource services for low income families, at-risk youth, and immigrants in Pierce County, Washington areas.  Their mission is “Bridging the Gap in Family Needs” by endorsing, influencing, and supporting families, immigrants and/or youth in decreasing generational poverty.  True Blessings endorses and influences self-sufficient skills that aid to healthy and sustainable independence.

Since 2003, True Blessings one on one progressive case management has proven to be the key component to bridging the gap for families, immigrants and at-risk youth.  Clients receive progressive case management services and are screened for imminent risk of homelessness and/or needs.  The agency conducts a 24-hour follow-up that consist of screened services to address the client’s emergent or non-emergent concerns.  True Blessings provides a sense of trust and security with all clients, no matter of the client’s gender, color, ethnicity, or and sexual orientation.  Their ability to relate and demonstrate self-sufficiency plays a significant role in the success of many of our clients escaping generational poverty.

Contact us to let us know if you would like to volunteer directly with this project. All donations are tax deductible.