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Social Movement Through Social Media

Join CascadiaNow! in shaping the future of our bioregion by lending your voice to the Cascadia social movement. Visit us here on our blog and on social media and share your ideas, photos and stories with us and we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest news and events.

In addition, starting January 1st, we will have a new multi-user blog up and running and would love to hear your voice! We're looking for writers, photographers, and content editors to help us create a wide array of articles related to Cascadia, bioregionalism, geography, history and everything Pacific Northwest. Email us directly at if you would like to contribute!

Use the hashtags #CascadiaNow and #Cascadia to connect with us and with other Cascadians from throughout the region!

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Cascadia Now! on Pinterest | 1000+ Images and Growing

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Starting last week, we've gone ahead and set up a CascadiaNow! Pinterest Account. Since that time we've already linked, uploaded and connected more than 1000 images, and our gallery boards are still growing quickly as we continue to scrape the internet for all things related to Cascadia. While Pinterest is simply another image based social media site, what excites us about it is the potential for collaboration from anyone interested, who can help add pictures and photographs. It is our goal to begin to develop an collaborative digital archive, that can bring together a representative collection that captures the energy, diversity and creativity currently being generated by Cascadia Supporters.

So far, we have 8 different categories of pictures:

A general collection of all our pins (pictures) can be found here.

If you would like to upload, curate or help us add images to any of the galleries, just contact us via Pinterest or at and we can send an invite using either your email address or Pinterest user name.


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See the full gallery here: