Cascadians Against Hate Coalition Forming

Cascadians Against Hate Coalition Forming

In a statement released, the Cascadians Against Hate Coalition stated that it "does not promote, permit, or condone any behaviors or actions of a sexist, racist, derogatory, or discriminatory nature . . . Moreover, we outright condemn all hate groups, their actions and ideas, as they run contrary to the core Cascadian bioregional beliefs and tenets. These groups threaten to undermine the sacred relationship between biodiversity and nature, which is the crux of life."

Wishing you a wonderful, historic, Cascadian Pride weekend!

A wonderful message from all the staff at the People's Harm Reduction Alliance wishing everyone in Cascadia a wonderful Pride Weekend! PHRA one of the largest peer run, needle exchange programs in the country. 

Cascadians everywhere celebrated the historic ruling by the Supreme Court last Friday that states could not block the universal rights for two consenting adults to marry. Below are just a few of the wonderful pictures sent in.