What Does Being Part of A Nonprofit Umbrella Mean?

What Does Being Part of A Nonprofit Umbrella Mean?

Learn what fiscal sponsorship, or a 501(c)3 umbrella program like being in the CN! nonprofit family means in a video. Becoming a part of another nonprofit is an awesome way for grass-roots projects to grow their impact!

We are looking for interns!

Looking for a meaningful internship experience to boost your resume, meet awesome new people, and learn a few new skills while also taking part in on of the bioregion's biggest social movements? Become a CascadiaNow! intern!


CascadiaNow! is an exciting place for interns from all over the bioregion to learn the inner workings of a small, grass-roots non-profit organization. Internship opportunities vary, but we will work with you to make sure that your passions and skills are utilized to help energize the Cascadia social movement!

Our internships are offered typically at least one academic quarter, either for individual study or for school credit. You may be asking yourself, "Do I have to be in school to participate in a CN! internship?" Nope! We welcome people of all ages, experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets to join the team and create projects that both the staff and intern will find mutually beneficial. 

Below are a few of our current internship offerings: 


Finance and Administration Intern

CascadiaNow! seeks a motivated intern with a strong work ethic to document all finance and administration workflows. This position will report to the Associate Director and will have a unique opportunity to help formalize the operations of a nascent nonprofit.

Minimum time commitment: 8+ hours/week for three months

Duties include:

  • Shadowing the Associate Director to learn all current finance and administration workflows

  • Making recommendations on workflow improvements

  • Formalizing workflows in an easy-to-navigate document

  • Conducting research projects related to human resources best practices

  • General administrative tasks as needed

Required skills:

  • Proven ability to work independently and meet deadlines

  • Close attention to detail

  • Strong written and verbal communication

Successful candidates will have an interest in nonprofit management as well as bioregionalism and/or the Cascadian social movement.



Social Media Intern

The CN! Outreach team is looking for a tech savvy social media guru to help streamline our branding and increase our online presence! This position will report to the Director of Programming and Outreach and will have the opportunity to grow our ever-expanding network across the bioregion. 

We ask for a time commitment of 8-10 hours a week.

Duties Include: 

  • Maintaining social media presence including weekly posting to various platforms
  • Blog and content writing 
  • Research and promote topics/articles/events relevant to CN! and Cascadia for dispersal to 22K+ person base
  • Assist in creation and dispersal of social media campaigns
  • Consistently work with staff to improve visual design and social media strategy
  • Hone a consistent narrative and voice for CN! across digital platforms

Required skills:

  • A niche for social media and communications and familiarity with diverse social media platforms
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently 

A successful candidate will have an interest in social media management as well as bioregionalism and/or the Cascadian social movement.



Graphic Design Intern

The CN! Outreach team is looking for a passionate graphic design intern to help us with new Cascadia driven programming projects! This is a fantastic opportunity for an up and coming graphic designer looking to add to their portfolio, while also having their work displayed to a large online audience! The Graphic Design Intern will report to the Director of Programming and Outreach.

We ask for a minimum time commitment of 8-10 hours a week.

Duties Include:

  • Collaborating with the Outreach and Programming team to create promotional images and materials for programming/activism campaigns, such as Made in Cascadia.
  • Creating graphics and design layouts for posters, flyers, email newsletters, the CN! website, blog, and social media accounts.
  • Utilizing strong written skills and bring effective visual ideas from concept through to completion
  • Engage in projects assigned by various staff members related to different operational needs.

Required Skills:

  • Must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Open to collaboration and constructive criticism
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Self starter who takes initiative to complete projects

A successful candidate will have interest in pursuing a career in graphic design and a passion for bioregionalism and/or the Cascadian social movement.


Video/Photo Database Design Intern

CascadiaNow! seeks an intern with both a sense of visual story-telling and a knowledge of database design.  This person will define and build a searchable visual library that is scalable for our future growth.  This position will report to Development Director and will be given freedom to incorporate their own ideas and experience into structuring a highly-intuitive library.

Minimum time commitment: 8+ hours/week for three months

Duties include:

  • Review with Development Director the types of images currently available and likely to be added
  • Recommend search categories and/or terms, including required permissions information.
  • Create a draft library for presentation to current staff for feedback.
  • Making recommendations on how to select existing images for archiving or current access.
  • Write a basic Library “Procedures and Policies” guide to enable current and future staff to easily find and/or add new video and still images

Required skills:

  • Proven ability to work independently and communicate regularly
  • Willingness to seek information and answers from a wide variety of sources.
  • Familiarity with Google Drive.
  • Comfort working with people whose technology familiarity varies widely.

Strong candidates will be able to demonstrate awareness of the Cascadia bioregion, and describe how this internship supports their career goals.



Corporate Grant-Matching Research Intern

CascadiaNow! seeks an intern who is interested in contacting HR departments throughout the Pacific Northwest electronically and by phone.  This person will create an internal searchable list of organizations which offer “matching” for employee donations of time and/or money. 

Minimum time commitment: 6+ hours/week for four months

Duties include:

  • Work with Development Director to identify company identification variables, priority of contacts.
  • Establish internal files to collect, save and search results of communications.
  • Develop e-mail template to initiate inquiries, send to selected companies as test of clarity and responsiveness.
  • Refine email and telephone process, begin sending emails in priority order by group.
  • Gather data and input into internal files; report regularly to Development Director about results and challenges
  • Make phone calls to gather information from non-respondents

Required skills:

  • High level of responsiveness to email communications
  • Ability to deal with incomplete data and find answers and/or continue with partial information.
  • “Friendly” persona when communicating with company personnel.

Strong candidates will be able to demonstrate awareness of the Cascadia bioregion, and describe how this internship supports their career goals.







  • A unique perspective on the inner workings of a blossoming grassroots nonprofit and social movement.

  • Networking opportunities with many passionate Cascadians!

  • Professional references upon successful completion of internship.

  • Lots of free stickers.




Do any of these sound like YOU? Fill out the form below!

We support the Johnson Amendment. A personal letter from CN! associate director Naomi Botkin

We support the Johnson Amendment. A personal letter from CN! associate director Naomi Botkin

"It’s the responsibility of 501(c)(3) organizations to further the greater common good - to create positive impacts that make us all a little better off. Is it possible for an organization to choose sides in the political world and still serve everyone? In my limited experience, I have to answer 'absolutely not.' Which makes me all the more proud to be part of team that supports keeping politics out of charitable work." - Naomi Botkin, CN! AD

CascadiaNow! A Non-Profit in 2014

CascadiaNow! A Non-Profit in 2014

In 2014, we are excited to announce that we will be taking our organization to the next level by becoming an official 501c3 non-profit organization. Our sole mission will be to empower all forms of Cascadia organizing. To start, this will largely be through fiscal sponsorship for chapters, groups, projects and events, to continue to serve as a focal point for organizing, and building community partnerships. In the future, if we are successful, we will expand to providing grantwriting, fundraising, graphic design, marketing, accounting and financial services - basically all the back office services that every group needs, but few actually have - so that groups and projects have the tools they need to focus on what they feel is important.

Click to read the blog post for full details.

Cascadia Cup™?

I think it is time for those of us in the Cascadia movement, whether we are separatist, bioregionalist, secessionist or any other kind of “ist” to come to grips with the fact that Cascadia is now being treated as a brand. The scary part is realizing that people outside Cascadia have recognized at least a portion of Cascadia as a marketable commodity that they want to sell.

We have all had the thought that eventually Cascadia will be something that capitalism will naturally try to exploit. We’ve also already had our own little skirmish in the brewing fiasco. However, to me, that seemed less of an attack because it was local. I am still angry about it and still frustrated that a local businessperson would be so out of touch with the region and with the brewing community.

With Major League Soccer attempting to trademark the Cascadia Cup we have our first really big test. MLS is a corporation that is backed by a lot of money. They want the Cascadia Cup so that they can market it for even more money. If the Honda SuperClasico is any indicator, MLS could be looking for a sponsor.

Just imagine; Cascadia Cup brought to you by Starbucks. Come down to your local Starbucks for a grande latte Cascadia style. Coffee not your thing? Microsoft Cascadia Cup might be more your speed. Perhaps Budweiser can sell “Cascadia Cups” of beer at the games. Maybe we can all buy cheeky coffee mugs that say “Cascadia Cup” on the side.

One of the things I’ve learned through all of this is how different our culture is even in the sporting community. I frequent a lot of soccer forums and I have noted a lack of understanding from people in other regions as to why we want this cup protected. Many of them can not understand why we don’t want the cup to become an international brand. The answer is pretty simple. The Cascadia Cup was never intended to be an international brand. We don’t want your recognition. We wantto have a competition between the clubs in our region for bragging rights. The Cascadia Cup is not about marketing and sponsorships and tv rights. It’s about Timbers fans being able to say to Whitecaps fans, “Sure, you made the playoffs, but we won the Cascadia Cup.” It’s about the Timbers Army, Emerald City Supporters and Southsiders agreeing on at least this one thing; The Cascadia Cup is not for sale. The Cascadia Cup will not be brought to you by Microsoft or Starbucks or Amazon or Google. The Cascadia Cup is brought to you by Cascadians. Enjoy it, or don’t. We don’t care.

By Nate Jensen