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What Does Being Part of A Nonprofit Umbrella Mean?

What Does Being Part of A Nonprofit Umbrella Mean?

Learn what fiscal sponsorship, or a 501(c)3 umbrella program like being in the CN! nonprofit family means in a video. Becoming a part of another nonprofit is an awesome way for grass-roots projects to grow their impact!

Same Flag, New Sticker!

Same Flag, New Sticker!

At the end of 2015 we released our annual survey. The totaled results are coming later in 2016 (yay! spreadsheets!), but there was one thing we noticed right away: our most popular sticker the classic Doug Flag sticker wasn't holding up for some Cascadians...

Last Chance: Order a Bike Jersey!

The Cascadia Bike Jersey's are super high-quality, beautifully designed, breathable, perfect racer jerseys; and your purchase supports the non-profit! We need to order these by October 15th 2015 to have them available by the holidays, so this is your last chance to pick up this jersey for the time being!

We are offering this Pre-Order to have ready by 2015 holiday season. We are only purchasing this pre-order. We will NOT have any extra bike jerseys to sell after this order. If you want a jersey, buy them now! Buy Your Bike Jersey!

About The Jersey

We take pride in providing locally-produced beautiful durable merchandise that furthers our mission of creating a resilient and inclusive Pacific Northwest Community! The Cascadia Bike Jerseys are made with VOmax Race Cut jerseys. The Race Cut provides a professional jersey with a tailored fit. They feature whole front zipper and a 3 piece VOmax back pocket. The Race Cut fits closely to the body and is designed to offer a European fit. Made locally with help from Kotis Designs, wear your high-quality Cascadia Bike Jersey with local pride!

Cascadian Reviews

“I ordered one on the last pre-order and I was impressed by the quality!” - Don (Vancouver, WA)
“This jersey is well worth the price, it is beautiful. Viva Cascadia!” - Karl (Auburn, WA)