Last Chance: RSVP for a FREE Indoor Rock Climbing Party with TWO CN! Projects

Come see what happens when two awesome CascadiaNow! projects get together for SocialFit: SNL Rock Climbing Edition. For the first time ever, two CascadiaNow! projects are teaming up to bring you an awesome evening of fitness, fun, and Cascadia connections. The Duncan Connection and Vertical Generation are having a FREE indoor rock climbing party March 17th at The Seattle Bouldering Project, 5-9PM, and you're all invited! You MUST RSVP via Facebook or email before next Sunday, March 11th. Do it NOW!

We are so proud of the work that both of these projects do - Vertical Generation's mission is to share the invaluable experience and culture of rock climbing along with the love for the outdoors with youth who otherwise may never have the opportunity. The Duncan Connection believes access to a healthy lifestyle is a human right so they provide fitness classes, resources to holistic wellness, and water safety education for all ages free or at a reduced cost, regardless of monetary background, culture, or gender identity.

All of us here at CN! are super excited about this two-projects-in-one evening event and we hope you join us!

All gifts are tax deductible.  Contact us to let us know if you would like to volunteer directly with any of our projects!