Climb for Refugees Climb-a-thon with Vertical Generation

Vertical Generation, a project of CascadiaNow!, is proud to present the Climb for Refugees Climb-a-thon, September 8th, 6PM-12AM, at Vertical World in Seattle. Participants can climb, pledge to climbers, or just hang out and enjoy the food trucks, free drinks, raffles, music, games, and more. 


The climb-a-thon supports the Climbing Higher StoneMasters Program. This program developed out of the desire to diversify the climbing community and expose refugee youth to rock climbing. Through this program, middle school and high school refugee students visit the rock climbing gym once a week to meet with their climbing mentors. Together they work on homework and practice English before heading into the climbing area. Students learn how to tie knots and their mentors coach them through challenging routes. To end each day, students and mentors go around the room sharing their favorite parts of the day. For most, it’s achieving a new route or conquering a fear; however, at the end of the program, when asked what their favorite thing was, students shared about building friendships with each other and their mentors. This program provides students with academic support, healthy peer and adult relationships, and the skills to overcome physical and mental challenges. Students push themselves and learn about not giving up and trying even when things seem hard. The Climb for Refugees Climb-a-Thon will help raise the money needed to continue and expand this program during the next school year! With your help, more refugee youth will be introduced to the world of climbing!

Here's how the climb-a-thon campaign works: Sign up and join the campaign, reach out to your community to get pledges, then come to the Climb-a-Thon on Saturday, September 8th from 6pm-midnight and climb for refugees at Vertical World in Seattle!

Not interested in climbing? Come cheer on climbers, learn about refugees in the Seattle area, and have fun! All ages welcome! RSVP here!