CascadiaNow! is Hiring: Core Programming Manager


**THIS POSITION IS FILLED** thank you so much to all you lovely people who applied. We can't wait to offer more amazing opportunities like this in the future :)

CascadiaNow! is excited to announce that we are hiring! We are seeking a skilled and AWESOME Cascadian to join our team as a Cascadia Program Manager.

This role will help coordinate Cascadia programs and events, work with volunteers and interns, to get them plugged in, and work with social media to highlight and document the amazing diversity and creativity of the Cascadian social and cultural movement.

CascadiaNow! Program Manager Job Description

If you are interested, please send a Resume, Cover Letter and Writing Sample to

Roughly 18 hours a week / $25 an hour. Applications will be accepted through early February.

For those not aware, CascadiaNow! is an umbrella 501(c)3 non-profit organization that sponsors a wide array of programs and projects. It is our goal to help provide services and tools that every group needs, but very few have access to. You can learn more about our projects and programs here. The Cascadia Programming Manager will over see, coordinate and help empower CN! core programming, as well as build partnerships with other Cascadian organizations, and help highlight and document the amazing breadth of the Cascadia movement.

Background Info:

CascadiaNow!'s top secret underground (above ground) headquarters exists in the Wallingford Neighborhood of Seattle. While the job is open regionally, due to logistics, applicants that can make our bi-weekly, in person staff meetings will be strongly favored.

Aside from in person bi-weekly meetings, all CN staff work part-time and enjoy the flexibility of a self-directed schedule, though are expected to meet in person with other staff as needed, and as they arrange. Meet our wonderful staff and read more about our volunteers and board members here. Our board elections just took place, so our board section is being updated.

Some secret advice for this job:

While we feel that CascadiaNow! can be a pretty great organization and place to work, these few tips, might just give you that extra needed little bit boost:

  1. read the job description PDF posted above.
  2. give a pre-emptive glance to what CascadiaNow! is, and does as an organization.... feel free to reach out with any questions if you have them. 
  3. possibly spelzlcheck and edi0t your work at least a little bit
  4. tailor it a bit towards why Cascadia / CascadiaNow is pretty awesome and why you possibly care about the idea.
  5. update your resume a bit to why you think you'd be a good fit. As awesome as Band Camp in 12th grade was, it hopefully isn't the main reason your applying... but don't undercut yourself - your passion, excitement and creativity is what also excites us! (getting your 12th grade band camp to play the Cascadia anthem DOES excite us!)