Cascadia at the Salish Sea Bioneers Conference

Photo by Alex Garland -  check out more great photographs here

A huge thank you to everyone who made the Salish Sea bioneer conference such a huge success! It was authentic, it was real, and it truly felt like the start to something far greater.

From November 6-8, CascadiaNow! had an absolutely lovely time at the Salish Sea Bioneers Conference at the Whidbey Institute. The weekend brought more than a hundred organizers and participants together for keynote presentations, an ignite speaker series, as well as emergent discussions to create dialogue around some of the most pressing issues facing our region.

CascadiaNow! Director Brandon Letsinger talks about building a place based movement.

CascadiaNow! Director Brandon Letsinger talks about building a place based movement.

One reason we were excited to attend was the incredible overlap of vision and mission between CascadiaNow! which is working to build a place based movement, and the bioneers, which works to be a catalyst for innovation and collaboration across diverse communities and sectors of society. Smaller retreats and gatherings provide an opportunity for mission-driven groups to dive more deeply into connectedness with each other, with themselves, and with the land. This year was especially exciting as it was the first year that the bioneers have operated under the name 'Salish Sea Bioneers' reflecting a shift away from the Whidbey Island Bioneers.

CascadiaNow! director Brandon Letsinger was one of the featured ignite speakers, giving a presentation on Cascadia, bioregionalism and the Cascadia movement on the Sunday morning. CN! also provided a series of maps, stickers and patches, had Cascadia related books on display, and gifted a larger laminated 2015 David McCloskey Institute.