Board Approves Rain City Slam as new CN! Project

CascadiaNow! is excited to announce that Rain City Poetry Slam has been accepted as our organizations second fiscally sponsored project! 

The Rain City Slam provides a headquarters for spoken word poets of all ages to create, learn, teach and find a poetry community. Their vision is to establish a safe space where poetry can be discovered, inspired, learned and showcased without boundaries. We provide an open mic that allows any voice to be heard; community showcases that promote new work; writing circles to ensure time, space and support for writing; featured poets to inspire our community as well provide a place for reading and engaging the Seattle community, and a slam competition to assist in artistic growth, build confidence and challenge poets to think about the translation of their work to the rest of the world. They both host a regional Cascadia poetry competition, and send multiple teams to national poetry slams around the country each year. 

Rain City Slam hosts weekly slam poetry events featuring local poets and welcoming all to participate in an open mic and competitive poetry slam. The Rain City founders started these events in 2013 in response to Seattle’s lack of venues for young adults between 18 and 21 years of age - too old to participate in a high school venue, too young to perform in 21+ venues, but has grown now to be representative, and with partnerships around the region. Rain City also offers poetry workshops providing education on poetry as performance and activism. Annually, Rain City sends their slam winners to competitions across the nation and the globe. They also act as main organizers for the Cascadia Poetry Slam, a regional competition that attracts hundreds of audience members.

With Cascadia support, the Rain City Poetry slam hopes to: 

  • Grow capacity by hiring a dedicated staff member
  • Attract more big-name poets, grow into larger venues and double the audience size for the weekly slam
  • Grow workshop offerings to a regular weekly schedule
  • Undertake their very first fundraising campaigns
  • Grow the Cascadia Poetry Slam into a multi-day event

And we at CascadiaNow! can't wait! We're so excited to welcome the Rain City Slam into our Cascadia family. 

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