Another Awesome New CascadiaNow! Project: Welcome Vertical Generation

The CascadiaNow! board of directors have unanimously approved another awesome fiscally sponsored project! Please welcome Vertical Generation to the CascadiaNow! family. Vertical Generation's mission is to share the invaluable experience and culture of rock climbing along with the love for the outdoors with youth who otherwise may never have the opportunity.

We are so excited to see Vertical Generation (VG) fulfill their mission beginning with their first Movement Event on September 17th. VG lead Julie Gardner says "We have been receiving great interest and support from the climbing community even beyond the Greater Seattle area and it truly makes my heart fill with delight and joy to see such a movement unfold before us all. This generation and those to come will experience new things and be a part of something far greater than we could have ever imagined. We will continue to pour our energy and efforts into getting as many youth access to climbing and the great outdoors through creativity, community engagement, environmental awareness, and advocacy!"

Climbing and the outdoors should be accessible to everyone - let’s make it happen!

VG is currently doing a fundraiser to give the gift of climbing X3! A $25 donation pays for a 6th-12th grader’s first climbing experience, furthers a new young climber’s career in the VG mentorship program with their first ever chalk bag, and helps to sponsor a Cascadian chalk bag maker / climber on her dream international trip to climb in Thailand.

Show VG Cascadian love by visiting their project page, website, Facebook, and Instagram and donate to support their awesome mission!