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Event Information:

May 1-4th at Seattle University's Pigot Auditorium with workshops held at the Springstreet Center and pre-event parties held at venues around Seattle.



In a Word, or Many: Where Language meets Terrain

We’re pleased to announce legendary Canadian poet Daphne Marlatt will be part of a reading at the Cascadia Poetry Fest and will be conducting a workshop at Spring Street Center.
Daphne Marlatt is one of the poets with work in the new book Force Field, the first all-women anthology of BC poets in 34 years.


The Workshop

This poetry workshop (which does not exclude prose) will investigate the ways words come to us in the act of writing when we situate ourselves on the threshold between our outer and inner worlds, with language as the sill for that threshold.  We will look at how perception works linguistically, moving through lexicon and syntax, and relationally, within the locale, creatures and persons that sustain us.

There will be writing time in the workshop as well as time for discussion and exchange.

About Daphne Marlatt


Daphne Marlatt has published more than twenty books across a wide range of genres, including poetry, fiction, criticism, and theory.  She has also been the founder of ground-breaking journals, including Tessera and periodics, and an editor on several other journals.

She has published three innovative novels: Zocalo, Ana Historic, which received critical acclaim, and Taken.  Her early poem sequence, Steveston, led to the writing of The Gull (2009) an award-winning Noh play based on the traditional Japanese drama form.  Marlatt’s The Given (2008), a long narrative poem, won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize.  She was awarded the Order of Canada in 2006 for her contributions to Canadian literature.