2017 Cascadia Convergence

  • Brooklyn, WA

2017 Cascadia Convergence has been announced! Cascadia Convergence is the new Rainingman, with even more of a community created focus. We have a space for Cascadians to come together to share, learn, connect, and celebrate, and the rest is up to you! What do you have to share with your fellow Cascadians? Why is learning about bioregionalism important? How can we best connect with each other and our beautiful space on this planet? What are the best ways to celebrate our love of Cascadia?

At Cascadia Convergence, we hope that everyone interested in the idea of Cascadia can meet face to face, and have a great time camping. Each year, this awesome, fun filled, family-friendly weekend features art, music, presentations and workshops. We bring together a variety of different interests and groups so that a range of Cascadian perspectives are represented. We focus on bringing people together, organizing and planning, and building community.

To make this event open to everyone, it is entirely run by your donations, please make a contribution as part of your registration form. You make it happen! Regardless of how much you can give, all Cascadia Convergence participants, 16 and over, must register for the event. Participants ages 15 and under, may attend without a separate registration form if they are attending with a registered adult. Campers, activists, authors, causes, educators, groups, individuals, organizations, performers, presenters, and anyone who wants to be a part of building a stronger Cascadia community, register NOW: