The Cascadia Bioregional Passport is a project to create an educational and cultural tool to link CascadiaNow! membership with with local, state and national parks, first nations, community groups, businesses and organizations from around the Cascadia bioregion. 

The passports will raise money to assist community groups, struggling parks and wilderness areas - while supporting local businesses,  culture and artists.  


The idea:

  • 75 watersheds sponsored by 75 community organizations.
  • Each group sponsors a page for the eco-region they are based or provide service, and will feature information for a unique plant, animal or place, indigenous history of the area - as well a brief community directory for that area. 
  • Stamps are given to partnering local businesses, parks and tribes where people can collect them as they travel through the region.
  • Artwork will be created by local artists and represent the broad array of Cascadian culture and arts.
  • All participating groups receive Cascadia Regional Passports to distribute either as educational tools or as a fundraiser for their organization. 
  • A dedicated % of all money raised goes to support in need local parks and wilderness areas. 

How you can help:

If you are an artist/graphic designer, community group, local business who would like to partner with us for this project, please contact