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Recent Updates:

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is a voluntary board made up of awesome and caring folks driven by their motivation and love of Cascadia. Thank you for all your work!

Megan Leatherman 

Board President  

Megan is a human resources and conflict management professional with a passion for bringing mindfulness and connection into the workplace. Megan has a Master's degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution and focused her graduate studies on conflict transformation efforts among Palestinian women living in Israel. Megan has also studied floral design and is interested in highlighting local flora through that creative medium. Raised in Eugene, Oregon, Megan has a deep appreciation for the beauty and bounty of the Cascadia bioregion and its inhabitants.

Michael Hodges


Michael Hodges is a literature and composition teacher at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he is pursuing a doctorate in English; his research focuses on American nationalism theory and constructions of regional identity. He has been a member of and volunteer with CascadiaNow! since 2009, and held editorial and writing positions with Cascadia Monthly from 2011-2012. 

Josh Mahar


Born and raised in Bellingham, Josh has lived in Seattle since 2003, where attended the University of Washington. While pursuing a degree in history, Josh began to explore the unique past of the Pacific Northwest communities founding the short-lived Cascadia Rising blog in 2007. Josh has been engaged with Cascadia events and activities and is particularly fond of watching the Cascadia flags wave during the MLS Cascadia Cup debry games (especially when the Sounders win.) Josh currently works as a public policy consultant for MRSC, a nonprofit that supports local governments across Washington State.


Whealon Costello

Board Affairs Officer

 Devoted to justice for people and the planet, I am an artist, activist, student, and gardener centered inSeattle, WA. I’ve been involved In CascadiaNow! creating artwork for local events and helping with organization and facilitation for the Seattle Chapter. This year I will be traveling around the country and world learning about different bioregions, organic farming and oil painting. 

Tanner Colvin

Communications Officer

Originally from Bozeman, Montana, Tanner Colvin is a Computer Animation and VFX student living in Seattle.  While considering Seattle as his next place to go after studying at MSU for a Bachelor’s in History, Tanner started to uncover the uniqueness of the Cascadia bioregion and social movement.  Since relocating to Seattle in 2014, he has pursued an increasing interest in a positive, non-political, all-inclusive community in Cascadia and hopes to represent the bioregion by seeking out animation styles that are unique to its diverse culture."

Nate Jensen

Vice President


Nathan is a special needs educator in Ephrata, Washington.  He has a B.A. in philosophy from Central Washington University and has been involved in Cascadia Now and Cascadia related events since 2010.  He has lived his entire life in the Cascadia bioregion and has a passion for cheering on athletes with connections to the area in many sports, also serving as the board treasurer for the Cascadia Association Football Federation. 


Our staff is a part time team of friendly and kind people with a full time passion for non-profit organizations and Cascadia.

Brandon Letsinger

Executive Director

Brandon Letsinger is the founder and director for CascadiaNow! He performs the day to day operations and works closely with the board of directors, outreaching with awesome people and building relationships with organizations and individuals throughout the region. It's his goal to build Cascadia as a powerful tool  for positive change in the Pacific Northwest.

Naomi Botkin

Associate Director

Naomi grew up in Poulsbo, WA, and values her citizenship both of Cascadia and the whole world. She has studied in France, lived in an orphanage in Nepal, worked for the UN in Belgium, and written songs about all of it. Naomi holds a Masters of Public Administration from UW's Evans School of Public Affairs as well as a UW Certificate in Fundraising Management. She loves culinary adventures, reading long, classic novels, cycling, travel, and singing lead vocals with Seattle band Tigers in the Tank.

Bethany Clochard

Communications Manager

Bethany has created and implemented successful communications strategies for non-profits and businesses, large and small. Winning awards for writing, design, and photography since being recognized nationally for her first publication at 11 years old, Bethany's passion for connecting with people extends into her personal time. She is a communications volunteer for The Doney Clinic and meeting new people makes traveling Cascadia with her pets a favorite hobby.


Rob Noble

Store Manager

Rob Noble has a background in Sales, Marketing, and Product Development but is best recognized as a DJ/ Event Producer. For the past 15 years, Rob has been promoting music and multi-media art events throughout the Pacific Northwest. He’s a lover of all that is Cascadia and the communities that call it home.

Andrew Schlosser

Program Manager

Andrew Schlosser grew up in Seattle and studied Sociology at Seattle University. He enjoys spending leisure time on Washington's beaches with his wife and son and he is always excited to help connect new people and projects with CascadiaNow! 

Joel Selling

Member Engagement Manager

Joel Selling, a Pacific Northwest native, has been involved with non-profits for over 25 years.  He has been a marketing instructor, whitewater rafting guide, park and recreation commissioner, consultant, and advertising account executive. His MBA and French degrees have helped restore a salmon-spawning creek running through his property. Joel has an irreverent, sometimes odd, sense of humor.  Farm chores, science fiction and classical music lower his blood pressure.

Interns and CN! Volunteers

Our awesome volunteer interns proudly learn about working at a small non-profit in their chosen field while fostering a deeper connection with their bioregion and their fellow Cascadians.

Katarina Abbott


Katarina Abbott is a full time student at Shoreline Community College with a passion for technology, the environment, and the arts. She's studying Visual Communication Technology with a focus on creative project management, and has invested her life into art. Outside of school, Katarina is usually busy volunteering at conventions or with children, organizing events and panels, working on various jobs, art projects or herself through mindfulness and yoga. She's an extremely driven individual with a penchant for time management by utilizing google calendar, and other apps to keep her in sync with social media, the internet, and reality. Her traditional art medium would be in sewing, crafts, and drawing. Although she has expanded to watercolor painting as well.